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Make the Case for a New Digital Workplace

23 August 2016 / 0

Making the business case for a new Intranet can be a challenge; for example, how do you determine the ROI of something as intangible as employee productivity or engagement, especially across an entire organization?

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WPC 2016 - The Power of Partnership

09 August 2016 / 0

If WPC 2016 was about anything, it was about the fact that we can achieve much more together than we can alone.

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Signs your intranet may be in need of an update

10 July 2016 / 0

Do you or your employees find yourselves avoiding your company’s “intranet” solution?  Is your intranet solution just e-mail, a file store, a wiki, and an instant messaging tool?  Do you not even know what your intranet solution is?  These may...

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Welcome to QueryNow

10 July 2016 / 0

What do you do?

As a company and as individuals, we get that question a lot, as I’m sure you do too.  A quick Google search reveals a bit about what people think of that question, so let me approach it from a different way and hopefully help you...

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